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Commercial slide ground fixation set for HDPE rotomoulded slide - 'Bronco'

  • Brand: KBT Play
  • Product Code: 444.080.080.001
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Bronco Commercial Slide  ground fixation REd  for HDPE rotomoulded - 'Bronco' ideal for parks , preschools.

350 mm x 340 x 40 mm

The KBT ‘Bronco’ slide is available in four platform heights (600, 1000, 1250 and 1500 mm). The slide must be fixed at the platform and at the bottom with bolts (not included).

The optional ground fixation set is made of hot dip galvanised steel plate 4 mm thick. It is delivered with hexagonal head bolts and washers.


All KBT products are being tested and being approved according to the latest European directives and regulations.

Ideal for commercial uses like parks , preschools and kindergarten   fun children slide big enough for adults.

meets the european and australian standards.

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