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Special needs swing chainset - Blue (Commercial)

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Special needs swing 'Chain Set ’ with safety chain (Commercial) - BLUE

Special needs chain set swings are a fantastic addition to any child's playground, school, group home providing therapeutic benefits that support sensory integration, vestibular function, and overall motor skills development. Beyond therapy, swings are enjoyable, promoting a sense of freedom and inclusion, allowing children and adults to play just like their peers. These swings are not only a source of immense joy but also play a crucial role in aiding sensory integration and vestibular therapy.

Swinging helps children and adults process sensory input effectively, which can be particularly beneficial for those with sensory processing disorders. This swing seat features a large seating area, making it versatile and suitable for a range of ages, including teenagers and adults.

Development of ABC Skills:

  • Agility: Swinging requires children to adjust their body positions, enhancing their agility.
  • Balance: Maintaining balance on a moving swing strengthens core muscles and stability.
  • Coordination: Coordinated movements are essential for swinging, thus improving overall motor skills.

The KBT Special needs swing 'chainset' is made from rotation moulded HDPE, a 6 mm chain set. The seat is provided with a Shock-absorbing bumper. The seat is available in many colours. The 'chainset' version has a safety chain in stainless steel and armed rope. The extra-large seating area creates the impression of being in a rocking boat/hammock which adds to the fun. 


Dimensions : 580 x 786 x 790

Standards: compliant with EN-1176

Warranty: 2 years

Seat: rotation moulded HDPE

With shock-absorbing bumper

Stainless Steel chain set commercial

safety chain in stainless steel and armed rope

To be hung from a max height of  2.5m


All swings, swing attachments, D shackles, S hooks, and chains must be maintained.


The frequency of inspection and maintenance will vary with the type of equipment or materials used or other factors (e.g. Heavy use, coastal location, air pollution, age of equipment, ...). Moving metal parts must be oiled regularly.

Routine visual inspection (weekly to monthly) - Always check that the bolts and nuts are securely fastened. Check for any missing parts.

Operational inspection (1 to 3 months) - Check the stability of the construction. - Check every part for excessive wear and replace when necessary.

Annual inspection (1 to 2 times per year) - Check for rust and corrosion. - Check every part for excessive wear and replace when necessary


Product group Commercial use > Swinging
Product type Support swing seat
Dimensions 580 x 786 x 790
Beam type max 2.50 m

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