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Scramble Net POLYHEMP 0.75 x 1.5

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Scramble Net 0.75m x 1.5m . 

Producer: KBT PLay

priced to clear

This scramble net is designed to be attached to a cubby, fort, deck or swing set using a timber frame.

"Domestic use only"

  • Dimensions: 0.75m x 1.5m in overall size when tensioned and fastened.
  • 2 loops with black PP welds on the ropes with 4 loose ends.
  • Squares are approx 250mm x 250mm.
  • Rope is 12mm HQ polyhemp.
  • This material is soft on children's hands.
  • Maximum weight limit is 75kg.


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Dimensions Priced to clear.

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