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Half Bucket Adult Disabled Swing Seat

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Adult Disabled Half Bucket Swing Seat

This swing seat is designed to bring joy and accessibility to adults providing a comfortable and secure swinging experience, allowing them to enjoy the fun of swinging in a safe and comfortable manner.

Product Description:

Inclusive Design: This swing seat is specifically designed for adults with disabilities, offering a comfortable and secure swinging experience with extra back and trunk support.

Measurements: seat approx 550 w x 300 h  Bracket length 230mm

Harness and Buckle: Includes a harness and buckle to ensure safety during use.

Weight Limit: Suitable for users up to 100 kg.

Australian Made: Proudly manufactured in Australia.


Designed for commercial and residential settings.

Option: Available with chains both commercial and residential or ropes please make an enquiry


Product group Commercial
Product type Adult half bucket swing seat

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