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Single Swing Frame - Set - Free Standing Swing Frame - Oblique Corners GREEN

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Single Swing Set - Free Standing - Oblique Corners GREEN

Let your child swing all day on our Single Swing Set.

Its freestanding design means you can move it around to mow the lawn or if you are considering moving houses it allows you to take it too.


This swing is made with cypress legs and top beam with oblique swing corner connections.

Oblique, meaning not at a parallel or right angle.

This means the legs of the posts will sit out on an angle and not straight down like a square.

See the picture above



  • Footprint 2m x 2m Approx
  • 2.3m High Approx
  • 2 x Swing hangers included
  • 2 x Oblique swing corner connections
  • 5 x 90mm x 90mm cypress timber posts
  • 4 x Ground Anchors 

 This is a residential swing set that has a max weight of 150kg 

NOTE: Swings are not included


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