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Carousel with seats – Playground Spin VIENTO

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Carousel with seats – Playground Spin VIENTO- Merry Go Round Commercial Playground


Commercial "carousel"  is great size roundabout for all children to play together.

The merry go round or also known as a playground roundabout "carousel" is a great playground option for children to play and work together to spin.

Evan the parents can sit on this playground spinner with the children and spin around.


The KBT carousel is specifically designed for easy installation. The ground anchor for concrete is included and is

supplied with the product. In addition, the swivel mechanism is equipped with high-quality and maintenance free roller bearings. The central hand wheel allows the children to turn the carousel

themselves in a safe manner while they are sitting down. The unique design has a fresh appearance


Stainless steel frame with larch wooden panels


.              diam: 1500 mm - stainless steel with wooden panels

.             floor in aluminum diamond plate

.             turning mechanism including maintenance free bearings

.             concrete ground anchor included


Commercial grade playground product


Please look at images attached for specs/dimensions for this product. Please call us or email for further information regarding our carousel spinner.


All KBT products are being tested and being approved according to the latest European directives and regulations.

Spinning helps children learn about the cause-and-effect relationships of body position and movement as they play and this roundabout provides a versatile and innovative way that appeals to all ages  Highly engineered, strong and durable.

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